Finding out where I want to be.
June 17th 2004. First day of being an intern in a local agency called Avicom. That 21 hours of reintroducing myself, sketching my first storyboard, forcing myself to speak at my first brainstorming for a radio ad, doing a layout for a Carrefour catalogue, and hours of offline editing in a fancy studio, led me to one of the biggest decisions in my life.

This is where I want to be.
I want to be in advertising.

Finding out what I want to do.
June 7th 2006. Right after finishing school, I got my first job at Octocomm Asia, a newly established local agency. There i worked on a campaign for Gudang Garam, Indonesia’s biggest cigarette company. The campaign, Rumahku Indonesiaku, helped Indonesians rediscover their pride as a diverse nation. It was the most talked about ad campaign with thousands of discussion on the internet, and was crowned as the best commercial by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2007.

This is what I want to do.
I want to do something that matters to people.


Finding out who I want to be.
August 10th 2009. I joined the HumanKind agency, Leo Burnett Indonesia. This is where I fell in love with people. Since the first time I learn about human behaviour and how a brand should have a purpose in people’s life, I always try to make it visible in all of my works, mainly in two of the most challenging accounts in the agency, Telkomsel and Samsung. My school is the most diverse nation in the world. My textbook is the stories it’s people shares with me. And my project is telling new stories that they’d want to be in.

This is who I want to be.
I want to be a storyteller.

Finding out why I love what i do.
October 1st 2014. I moved to my current agency, Dentsu Indonesia, and worked on Yamaha and Panasonic, two accounts that were not in good shape. While I learn about people and how to talk to them in my previous agencies, here I really have to focus on one thing. My clients’ business problems.
My wife think I have what she called ‘The Superhero Syndrome’ and she hates it because I always respond to her complaints about her day with solutions rather than agreement. Well, that might be it.

This is why I love what i do.
I love solving problems.   

Finding out how I’ve found nothing.
August 1st 2015. Three years of waking up next to my lovely diplomat wife. That morning she just got the news that she would be transferred to one of Indonesian embassies/consulates, probably the one in the city you are reading this right now. And that means one thing. I will have to pack my bags and embarks on a new journey with her.

This is how I’ve found nothing.

I haven’t found you. I haven’t listen to your stories. Or the stories of your people. Or tell them a new story that they would want to be in. I may find something else there. It may change how I think about myself. Or it may not.

But right now, I’m writing this with great excitement, hoping to find out when we can finally meet.